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We are simultaneous translators of Luxury Management Intelligence and all its developments, with Premium and Prestige.

MCF, founded by Carlos Ferreirinha in 2001, is a company of multiple talents, with practical experiences in various sectors of the economy, which has in Intelligence and in the Luxury Management model a competitive differential for transversal application in sectors, activities, products and services.

We cross borders to dream and think strategically about consumer movements and customer behavior with a specialty in high-income and their aspirational movements. We interpret, guide and lead the changes, with authentic solutions for each case, customer and brand.

We build excellence through knowledge, content, experience, innovation and passion.

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MCF believes that it is possible to generate results in strategic movements, by setting higher standards, in what we call the “next step, raise the bar”.

Despite the segment and customer profile, in the most diverse opportunities, throughout their journeys.

"In" is to be within the content, within the strategic movements, within the trends, within the changes and, mainly, within the ecosystem of our customers.

It is looking inside; our genuine interest in people and their business.

For MCF, relationships are a journey of undetermined deadlines; which brings us a scenario of depth, resilience, seniority and involvement.


MCF operates in the most diverse segments, in the most varied industries, in several regions of Brazil and places around the world, through Luxury Management Intelligence. This cross-industry strategy gives us a unique knowledge, which is shared with all customers.

MCF has expertise in several areas and segments of operation

I learned the language of Luxury with MCF and changed my perception of the customer.

They are very accessible, informal, although extremely professional. I feel like I'm part of the team and they’re part of RAM.”

Camila Cloberchard-


A broad view of the market with connections in the most varied industries, bringing students and clients a unique intelligence, for transiting in a plurality of segments. It is not just Luxury for the sake of Luxury, but an age of experience, uplifting spirits and adaptability.”

Bel Nascimento -


MCF clearly differs from other consultancies because they manage to combine a vast international experience, mainly focused on the Luxury market, with years of execution and hands-on work in several projects already executed in the Brazilian market. Moreover, all care and humanization that are part of MCF's DNA make the whole process even lighter and more engaging for the team."

Alexandre Sá -


MCF looks at the business, but also at the people. They understand how the human part of the company works, and that makes a difference. They give a lot of credibility in the most relaxed moments. They practice active listening, invest “attention” in all points, proceed carefully, gently mediate challenges.

I think Ferreirinha and MCF deal with the management of Luxury and the service based on the premises of Luxury in a very simple way, in which everyone can adapt to their reality. And they understand the market as a whole, they can delve into each niche."

Mariana Vianna -


The delivery went beyond what was agreed. It is a very complete consultancy and the deliverables are beyond expectation. They were also able to bring value to various aspects of the business.

The interest in the client and the project is genuine, as is the level of detail. MCF brings a light way of working, collaborative and professional, with great engagement. There is a difference between the deliveries that MCF makes in relation to other consultancies. For me, it's about experience.

The people who worked on the project with us were very experienced in what we were demanding in value. MCF knows the operation. So, the contributions in terms of tools or reflections, questions, provocation have always been very pertinent, coming from professionals who know that type of operation, retail and the market itself. I highlight the care with the presentation of the materials, the punctuality in the meetings, the commitment to follow to the letter what was agreed from the beginning.

I would put it this way: experience, delivery, market data, provocations that really made a difference with lightness, good relationship, genuine interest. It was a special project and it all made a big difference.”

Fabiana Mendes -


MCF brillantly brings us the codes of the Luxury universe. It is a more complete consultancy, which looks at each of the fronts. Very customized, it is not formatted. They think out of the box, totally.

A broad view of the market with connections in the most varied industries, bringing to students and customers a unique intelligence, by moving in a plurality of segments. It is not only Luxury for Luxury, but an era of experience, elevation of spirit and ability to adapt.

There is an endorsement from the consultancy, from Ferreirinha.

It's an important credential for our brand. I wanted them by my side every day... They are very reliable!”

Lucimar Brum -


The result of the partnership was a total surprise to us. First of all, by Carlos' ability to adjust to our context. And by that I mean our market in Portugal, the cosmetics market in Portugal, what differentiates us and our target (affordable Luxury and democratic Luxury as we learned during his sessions). However, what surprised me most was his creativity and his unbelievable ability to communicate. In a single day of presentation to store managers, he created new words that we started to use. It was so inspiring and helpful that right now we are already spreading it to other countries so they can implement it. Thank you very much, Carlos! We will certainly work in the near future.”

Sandra Brandão -




A MCF tradicionalmente lança um tema de direcionamento estratégico por ano.
Alguns que fizeram história: Limitless, Pulse Impulse, Let’s Borogodó e Eutopia.

It is our way of provoking, instigating, bringing the new back.

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Discover more about our expertise, practices and experiences.

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