Leader, manager, strategic thinker, advisor, speaker, columnist, writer, thought leader, influencer, visionary. Carlos Ferreirinha is many in one, an executive permeable to the world, the kind of person who thinks beyond himself, in business and in life.

He has built a trajectory for his MCF and the entire market, operating in Brazil, Latin America, Portugal and Africa. He is a pioneer and the main reference in the translation of Luxury Management Intelligence in Latin America.

For additional information, experience, recognitions and achievements, we suggest you visit LinkedIn. Here we prefer to say that: Ferreirinha is the kind of servile leader, always available to help his team, people, brands and companies climb another step and raise their operating bars.

Ferreirinha believes that it is necessary to work with generosity and donation, in true and perennial relationships.

He is in constant motion, moving everyone with him. He has a dynamic profile, a wonderful mood and is eternally curious.

In addition to MCF, he is the Founding Partner of BENTO STORE, awarded among the most innovative retail operations and founder of ABRAEL – Association of Luxury Brands and Companies), and author of the book O Paladar Não Retrocede”.

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The Book



Every time we experience products and services that raise our consuming standards, our desires change, for good. Going back to our old habits is highly unlikely - the transformation is irreversible.
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An inspirational, strategic and tactical book, with practical application of Luxury excellence in the daily lives of organizations. Here, Luxury Management Intelligence teaches businesses from the most varied segments to differentiate themselves, raise consumption patterns, arouse emotions, generate desire and remain relevant over time.

Ferreirinha starts from cases of Luxury worldwide, from challenges to triumphs, to demonstrate how entrepreneurs can be inspired by Luxury Management Intelligence.. This approach can help improve and refine the direction of their business, regardless of the target audience for their products and services.

It is a publication that deals with pioneering spirit, innovation and longevity, showing that after conquering new values, parameters and frontiers, there is no turning back.

About the book

A book to dive headfirst into the universe of Luxury! A source of innovation and excellence that invests in the reader's maximum instruction, presenting all the nuances and complexities of the subject in a friendly text, which undoes any formality. It is very easy to imagine yourself in a private consultancy. It is impossible to talk about Luxury Management, without mentioning Carlos Ferreirinha.”

Lucas Bittencourt -


Ferreirinha's expertise is inspiring. The way he shares his experiences and knowledge leads us to this fascinating world of Luxury. In a clear and concise approach, the reading of the book is engaging and captivating, allowing us to absorb knowledge in a more meaningful way. An indispensable reading.”

Henrique Cesar

Ferreirinha Factor

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Luxury consumption decision-making occurs when emotion outweighs reason.”

Carlos Ferreirinha

President of MCF


Everyone recognizes the capacity, pace and experience of Carlos Ferreirinha. His transversal performance in various segments and markets qualifies him to serve any type of business. But what strikes me most is how much he makes himself available to serve his customers.

I am amazed how he still manages to surprise us after so many years of professional interaction.

Whenever a doubt or insecurity arises, I resort to the “oracle” and always receive excellent guidance. Even when the topic is not within the scope of his contract.”

Soni and Adeilton Cassiano -


Ferreirinha impresses me with his immense ability to express his experiences! We should never distance ourselves from an executive like Ferreirinha, as he represents modern thinking, which comes out of the sameness of the one who does not improve. I recommend everyone listen to him!"

Beto Studart -


Ferreirinha shines and inspires with his message. Capacity, experiences, knowledge and intelligence that he shares with everyone. The thing that makes him so special is that he touches our hearts with empathy, sympathy, truth and emotion. Ferreirinha gives himself fully."

João Baptista -


The result of the partnership was a total surprise to us. First of all, by Carlos' ability to adjust to our context. And by that I mean our market in Portugal, the cosmetics market in Portugal, what differentiates us and our target (affordable Luxury and democratic Luxury as we learned during his sessions). However, what surprised me most was his creativity and his unbelievable ability to communicate. In a single day of presentation to store managers, he created new words that we started to use. It was so inspiring and helpful that right now we are already spreading it to other countries so they can implement it. Thank you very much, Carlos! We will certainly work in the near future."

Sandra Brandão -


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