Our performance is focused on people and their ability to transform brands, businesses and markets. It is essentially tactical, with an executive background and focus on results.

We believe in our team ability to create strategic movements, by inspiring and anticipating behaviors.

We are periscopes, cool hunters, dreamers and doers, supporting our clients in their personal and professional evolutions and shifts.

with specialized understanding of the high-income profile.
based on the premise of for "what, for whom" we establish a dynamic, systemic, participatory and continuous process for the determination of objectives, strategies and actions.
in greenfield and brand revamp projects, in order to keep it contemporary and aligned with the target customer profile.
that promotes greater brand preference, a differentiated relationship bar and a personalized experience.
that ranges from the launch of products and services to the enhancement of the customer value perception.
in all channels where the brand dialogues with the customer in a consistent, persistent and recurring manner.


The delivery went beyond what was agreed. It is a very complete consultancy and the deliverables are beyond expectation. They were also able to bring value to various aspects of the business."

Fabiana Mendes -


I think Ferreirinha and MCF deal with the management of Luxury and the service based on the premises of Luxury in a very simple way, in which everyone can adapt to their reality. And they understand the market as a whole, they can delve into each niche."

Mariana Vianna -


MCF tem has expertise in several areas and segments of operation.  
I learned the language of Luxury with MCF and changed my perception of the customer. They are very accessible, informal, although extremely professional. I feel like I'm part of the team and they’re part of RAM.” 

Camila Cloberchard -


MCF clearly differs from other consultancies because they manage to combine a vast international experience, mainly focused on the Luxury market, with years of execution and hands-on work in several projects already executed in the Brazilian market. Moreover, all care and humanization that are part of MCF's DNA make the whole process even lighter and more engaging for the team."

Alexandre Sá -


MCF brillantly brings us the codes of the Luxury universe. It is a more complete consultancy, which looks at each of the fronts. Very customized, it is not formatted. They think out of the box, totally.

A broad view of the market with connections in the most varied industries, bringing to students and customers a unique intelligence, by moving in a plurality of segments. It is not only Luxury for Luxury, but an era of experience, elevation of spirit and ability to adapt.

Existe um aval da consultoria, do Ferreirinha.

It's an important credential for our brand. I wanted them by my side every day... They are very reliable!”

Lucimar Brum -



Martin is one of those down-to-earth executives, focused on numbers, viability, business, performance, and result. But he’s also the kind of person who never stops flying.

The boy who liked to play office and set up businesses in the backyard in Monte Alto, in the state of São Paulo, now acts as a Senior Partner at MCF, leading projects as Head of Consulting, throughout the value creation cycle, from the business plan to the end user. 

He has 20 years of experience, and a background that continues to grow because he a confessed lifelong learning. He prefers to work in multidisciplinary teams, with a lot of knowledge to add.

Martin’s curriculum is extensive, as are his positions and list of achievements. However, he prefers to be recognized for every project, every customer, every service, and every transformation. He is fully committed, dives in, gets involved, participates and, above all, cares..

Energetic, punctual, demanding, curious, humorous, elegant. He is all that and a little more, our Martin. That’s because when you meet him, you start to consider him a little yours too.


Entertain, humanize, take and immerse

people in dreams, in playfulness.

Catapult them from reality to,

thus, sell."

Martin Gutierrez

Senior Partner & Head of Consulting

We've got the solution

No, it is not. Over the 22 years of operation, MCF has built its differential through Luxury Management Intelligence. That is, under our strategic, executive, and tactical perspective, we translate the main movements and learnings of the Luxury activity to the most different segments and markets.

We understand that our expertise lies in the deep and transversal understanding of the client with an expert look at the high-income profile. From the moment they buy a new residence, or a piece of furniture, travel, use their card for a purchase, or buy clothing, we observe the high-income client at various times of consumption. This is our differential.

Yes, we can. MCF, in its essence, does not have any off-the-shelf products, but rather customized solutions. Therefore, through the extensive experience of our consultants, we have developed several greenfield projects ranging from the business plan to the financial plan.

We are very pleased with your interest in MCF. It will be an honor to be able to contribute to leverage your company's opportunities.

As a next step, please contact one of our consultants to schedule an initial meeting with us. In this first moment, in addition to presenting our performance for more than 22 years in the market, we will understand how we can assertively contribute to your business objectives and opportunities. From this meeting, the MCF team will develop a detailed and complete proposal to meet your expectations.

No, it does not. MCF has a wide diversity of clients ranging from large companies to small companies. The important thing is to be able to absorb the advisory process and its consequences.

We have the security and confidence that, regardless of size, we can contribute in a unique and differentiated way to your goals and challenges.

With differences in scope between projects, MCF usually stages the project in three major interdependent phases: immersion, diagnosis, strategic direction, and implementation adviser.

At the first phase, there is the greatest exchange of information between the parties. After all, we understand that one of our greatest assets is the exchange of knowledge. It is at this phase where our main output comes from the intercession in the market, customer, and product/brand periscope.

After understanding the main market movements, the behavior of the target customer, and the moment of the brand/product, we develop a thesis that will be deployed in strategies and tactical actions that corroborate the mission of the project.

Finally, MCF will accompany the leadership and responsible team in the operational deployment of all actions.

Discover more about our expertise,
practices and experiences

Discover more about our expertise, practices and experiences.

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